Thompson United Methodist Church

Welcome to the United Methodist Church in Thompson, Ohio

In recent years many Christian writers have described faith not as a destination but as a journey.  Faith is a trusting relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Certainly Jesus walks with us as we make that journey.  But we also have Christian brothers and sisters who travel with us.  We never walk alone.  John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, said he knew of no Christianity but social Christianity.  In other words, we are all moving along together.  In early Methodism, the camp meeting (the precursor to our Sunday school classes and small groups) rose from and depended on the mutual love and support Christians had for each other.  This website represents the people of Thompson United Methodist Church and the commitment they have made to journey together in faith. Let us continue to walk with each other, one step at a time, as we grow along the path.


Due to the temporary closing of the church building to maintain social distancing, past, present and future sermons can be viewed on the church Facebook page. While in Facebook just type in TUMC Thompson United Methodist Church in the search bar and go to the videos section.

Or click on this link: TUMC